Project 6 Honor Code

Reminder to check the updated project 6 report.

When submitting your report, put the following statement at the top of your report: “On my honor, I have neither given nor received unauthorized aid in doing this assignment.” and each person sign below it.

Thanks and enjoy your summer and to the graduates, congratulations!


Presentation ppt/links

Hi everyone:

This: is the webpage I’ll be using today and Wednesday to download and link to all of your presentations. I’ll be pre-downloading the ppts before class. Please make sure your presentation link is correct and contact me asap if there is an error.

(Dark blue links are downloads and light blue ones are links to internet hosted presentations)

– Diego

[Project #6] Small update to project description

We have made a small update to the project description, for the first page where you are presenting your data analysis, we added the requirement that you must include the name of the statistical test you performed on your data. This will help us with grading and will make sure all of you can get all the points. This requirement has been included in the pdf.

Additionally, make sure you are using the right statistical test for your study design. For example, if you performed a within subjects experiment, you cannot use an independent samples t-test, because both samples came from the same group of people, which makes the samples paired (not independent). If you have questions about the statistical test you are using feel free to email me with any questions or concerns you might have.

– Diego

[Project #6] Slide submission

Just as a clarification: all groups have to submit their slides by Sunday 11:59pm. If you submit after that I can’t guarantee that it will be easy for you to load your slides when your slot comes. Any extra time you take to load your slides because of it will go against the already limited time you have to present.

Slides should be submitted to Diego by email.

[Project #6] Some common questions regarding project 6

  1. Question: Will you have to turn in signed informed consent forms? Answer: No! You don’t have to turn them in. However, as a reminder: you are bound by UF’s honor code to accurately report the number of participants that you ran through your study. When submitting your report, put the following statement at the top of your report: “On my honor, I have neither given nor received unauthorized aid in doing this assignment.” and each person sign below it.
  2. Question: Regarding point 4 of the discussion: “Propose HCI guidelines that derive from having run this study”, what sort of guidelines are we looking for? Answer: We are asking you to derive guidelines based on your experience of creating your application and running your user study. These should be specific and practical guidelines that someone building a similar application or product could include in their design document. This are not the 8 golden rules or other guidelines we have covered in class.

Presentation Time

The presentation time for in-class students is as follows. EDGE students please schedule a time for your presentation with us.



Time Project Name
11:45:00 – 11:47:59 NotifyMe
11:48:00 – 11:50:59 Bus Alarm App
11:51:00 – 11:53:59 Restaurant Menu Helper
11:54:00 – 11:56:59 Gainesville Bus Tracker Android App
11:57:00 – 11:59:59 Coursechomp
12:00:00 – 12:02:59 Citrus Keyboard
12:03:00 – 12:05:59 Checkpoint Extension
12:06:00 – 12:08:59 AtHome
12:09:00 – 12:11:59 Kinexercise
12:12:00 – 12:14:59 Digital Board
12:15:00 – 12:17:59 Chrome Control
12:18:00 – 12:20:59 GatorGrad



Time Project Name
11:45:00 – 11:47:59 Burn Out
11:48:00 – 11:50:59 WatchLater
11:51:00 – 11:53:59 Turnup
11:54:00 – 11:56:59 Beer Finder
11:57:00 – 11:59:59 Forget Me Mute
12:00:00 – 12:02:59 EVICC
12:03:00 – 12:05:59 QickSend
12:06:00 – 12:08:59 InstaBike
12:09:00 – 12:11:59 Pedestrian Traffic Rules
12:12:00 – 12:14:59 Shopregate
12:15:00 – 12:17:59 Canvas Chrome Extension
12:18:00 – 12:20:59 AADMLSSv2
12:21:00 – 12:23:59 Due Date Reminder
12:24:00 – 12:26:59 Bookmarks Extension
12:27:00 – 12:29:59 Tomodachi Box